Monday, October 19, 2009

Handmade Gifts

Don’t you just love handmade gifts? I sure do, now I’m not talking about designer handmade like what you get at a market or see online. I am talking about a different kind of handmade.

I little while back my little sister who is 7 years old made me two earrings, One day when I went over to my mums house I got a cute little package from my sister. The out side of this little handmade envelop had some writing on it reading “To Vicki Love Samantha” and it was filled with drawings of little hearts and kisses. Sam can’t spell my real name so she just shortened it. Anyway I opened up the little envelop and to my surprise there was two sets of earrings that she had made. I will have to say for a 7 year old she did a fantastic job with matching the beads and assembling the earrings together. So a big well done to my little sister it is always so nice when you get a little gift out of the blue which you know that a lot of love and effort has gone into it. I think these types of gifts are the best.


The earrings
handmade earring


Do you have a cool handmade gift story? Would love to hear it.

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