Thursday, April 1, 2010

Inspired to design

I have had this ring for a long time my dad has a stone cutting hobby and has cut many gemstones, this one he made for my mum when they first got together.

My mum gave me this ring a while back and its one of many beautiful fine jewellery pieces that I have in my collection. I don’t really ware many of my other rings because they don’t really go with my beautify wedding bands which is very Victorian inspired.

I have a massive love of Victorian jewellery and fashion, just recently I decided to get an idea that I had in my head and transform it into some lovely pieces

Here is a little sneak peek at a few pieces which is part of a Victorian inspired collection

Three pice drop earring

One pice lace earring

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Clares Place said...

Thanks for your comment! I would probably have not found your blog without it! Love your work!!!

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