Monday, April 12, 2010

Not so sunny QLD Trip

On Saturday last week my husband and I went up to Cairns for a few days over Easter. We took a late fight out and arrived in Cairns on Saturday night to lots and lots or rain.

On Sunday I caught up with my dad and we headed out to see my Nan, she is 79 this year and I have not seen her for about 8 years. The cool thing about seeing my Nan was that she did not know that I was coming up. So we arrived at my Nan’s house and my dad went in first then I walked in after, my Nan looked and me and I knew she could not recognised who I was. Then she realised who I was and she was in tears, she turned to her partner and said Bob, Bob, it’s my granddaughter. My Nan gave me the biggest hug and was super excited that I came up for a visit.

We all sat down and had a cup of tea and biscuits, and chatted a bit, Bob talked about when he lived in Hobart about 50 years ago, and my Nan talked about were she grew up. The stay was short because I was fighting a headache that I had for the last two days, not so fun.

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