Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby Teresa

Today’s blog is all about giving, and I would like to introduce Baby Teresa which is a wonderful venture to help give clothing to a baby in need. Kirsty and Sammie are the two wonderful people behind this grate cause.

So how does it work, well for every
Baby Teresa outfit that is purchased by you, another outfit is donated to a baby in need.

Which this is such a simple concept and is proving to be working like a charm.
Baby Teresa has donated cute baby outfits to

New York City, USA: a Baby Teresa HQ Donation
The Philippines: with volunteers Phil and Bec Beeston
Tanzania and Kenya: with volunteer Aaron Jones
Jordan: a Baby Teresa HQ donation
Egypt: a Baby Teresa HQ donation
Uganda: with volunteer Susan Thomas and her sister Mary
Tasmania, Australia: a Baby Teresa HQ donation

So how to get hold of a
Baby Teresa outfit for your little one, or for a friend or why not give one as a baby shower gift share the love of a new cute outfit to two baby's.
you can jump online to the
Baby Teresa website

Baby Teresa also has a facebook fan site which is a grate way to keep upto date with all the hard work that is going on

I have also been to the launch in Launceston which was held a little while ago and can say these are just super cute outfits! I think we will be needing a few little suites soon for our little one.

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red bamboo said...

What a wonderful idea. With Gemma about to pop out twins... I reckon I can get a few outfits happening at once!!

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