Monday, May 3, 2010

Lazy Sundays

Sunday was my day off, the week before last I managed to clock up a bit over 42 hours for one uni subject + doing a bit of work as well so basically I was very warn out, our project team had 7 major documents to complete for a massive assessment it was just full on. So I decided that this weekend I would take the Sunday off.

Sunday started with a massive sleep in well until 10am, we got ready and went for a drive to Deviot I heard that there was a market going on. When we arrived there were lots of cars and people but I think we arrived a little too late in the arvo.

After a little walk around we decided that lunch was the thing to do so we drove up the street to a little Greek café, the views over the river was nice. Lunch was ok we ordered a taste plate with dips, bread, spinach and fetta pie, smoked salmon, cheese among other things. A lot of what was on the taste plate I was unable to eat, so no salmon for me, or the fetta or one of the dips coz I was unsure if it had eggs in it, and I really did not like the deep fried cheese not really my thing.

We then jumped back into the car and drove down the river a little more to Strathlynn for a hot drink, the views were beautiful and there was a quince pudding on the menu so we just had to try it. I will have to say that the pudding was super yummy.

when we arrived home we decided that no work should be done for the rest of the night so movies it was with some air popped popcorn, I don’t really like the microwave stuff far too much butter and salt.

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