Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vanuatu trip

A few weeks ago we had a little trip to Vanuatu here is the story

(I will be posting images and stories for the next few weeks)

The first day

We arrived in Vanuatu early evening it was getting dark when we got off the plain. Steeping out of the plain you were hit with nice warm tropical air which was so refreshing after coming from Tasmania where it was getting very cold.

The airport was small and their was two lines, one for residents and the other of visitors we had to line up to get our papers stamped, then we were off to get our luggage and go through customs. Once we got out of the airport we were out the door to grab a taxi to our hotel room.

The drive to our hotel was quick and we saw a lot of people walking along the streets, with in a few minutes we arrived at our hotel, we are staying on the waterfront and our hotel is a small boutique style accommodation.

The streets of Port Villa

Lady buying flowers at the Port Villa market

Port Villa

First few days in paradise

Our first few days in Vanuatu revolved around walking into Port Villa, looking and planning our trip for the few weeks and trying some of the food and hunting down a good cup of coffee. We found a cool restaurant that was on the waterfront and this became our regular coffee spot. We found Port Villa to be a nice small town where it was easy to get around and the locals were so friendly.

Kids playing soccor in Port Villa

Port Villa

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oh what an experience.... sounds and looks just beautiful! the photos are amazing. look forward to seeing more pics from your trip

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