Monday, April 26, 2010

A combo of my two loves - Kitties & Tea

Anyone who knows me well knows that I just love cats I think I get that from my Nan she is a massive cat lover as well. My cats are spoilt rotten and one is very naughty wonder why think it was because he was the first pet in the house and just had loads of attention. If I had it my way I would already have a few more exotic kitties running around in my house “would just love to have a Scottish fold kitty or maybe another chinchilla they are my favourite bread, but I am not aloud “sad face”.

Plus there is my other love in life apart from my husband which is so tea, I am also a coffee lover as well but I am very fussy to how my coffee is made so I just opt for tea most of the times that I am out. This brings me to a cool little find this cute kitty cup and saucer I think one of these would be fitting for the office when I have a hot drink break.


Narelle said...

Oh, that is adorable!
Might have to purchase one for myself.

The Purple Finch said...

Thanks for your comment, yeah they are very cute

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