Thursday, April 29, 2010

The hunt for a Devonshire tea

image from Whats cooking America
Today we went on the hut for the best Devonshire tea, we took a little drive out to Evandale at Ingleside bakery, we sat but an open fire and it was nice and cossie in there. Soon after we ordered two scones come out looking all yummy and served with raspberry jam and cream. Taste test = ok, they were hot but must have been put in a microwave because after a few mins the scones became a little hard which is not the nicest of things to happen.

So have decided that Neil Pits in Launceston does the best scones in town, well so far. I think there will need to be a bit more exploring to find another yummy spot for a Devonshire tea.

Does any one have any recommendations for places to go to in Launceston?

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Anonymous said...

you have to book ahead but the grand chancellor does a traditional devonshire tea which is lovely

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