Monday, May 31, 2010

The zeppelin has arrived at Year Zero

Zeppelin image from here

The Zeppelin has arrived at Year Zero and I am super excited that these are out and will soon be displayed on jackets and scarfs,

These are a super addition to your winter woollies and would defiantly turn heads when warn.

There are now Zeppelin badges and cool Zeppelin chains now grace the jewellery cupboard in Year Zero

Also this design is exclusively stocked in Tasmania can only be found at Year Zero.

So tell us what you think of the new design?


red bamboo said...

Love them! The necklace is super cool, but think I'll have to get a badge - it's too chilly now to show a bit of neck, but the badge can be shown off on any outfit!!

The Purple Finch said...

Thanks for the comment Annie, my badge has been taken by my husband he just loves it far too much :( will have to make myself another one.

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