Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome winter

Image from http://www.jurlique.com.au

It’s the second day of winter today and we are just so lucky to have another wonderful day, was out the door by 6:30am and it was a fantastic morning not too cold and no frost.

I started the first day of winter by being treated to some new
Jurlique hand cream from my husband he knows how obsessed I am with hand cream, and the Jurlique brand is my favourite. this time the shop was out of stock of the citrus one so I was surprised with some Rose hand cream instead and its just divine.

Now going to leave you with this little picture of Kooshan that I snapped on the weekend, I think is looks evil and kind of cute in this picture.

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red bamboo said...

Love Jurlique too, so good score there! Wow, you're right...that is a cute/sinister look on Kooshan's face... "next step - WORLD DOMINATION! (but only after I get a chin rub first!)"....

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